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Nature 1, Humans 0

August 25, 2010mike 3 Comments »

NPR is hardly a BP supporter… but look… wait… oil spills into the ocean in Exxon Valdez quantities every year… and look… wait… bacteria eat it… and look… wait… they’re eating this oil too… hmmm oil comes from the Earth and goes back to it… who would have thought… Nature 1 point… Humans zero… good […]

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Star Trek The Office Years

August 12, 2010mike Comments Off on Star Trek The Office Years

An excellent video by some friends: Great work Mark, Tim, and everyone!

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In the Black Wednesday

August 11, 2010mike Comments Off on In the Black Wednesday

Everyone knows the story of Black Tuesday (10/29/1929), the worst day in the history of the market*. What very few people know is about the best day in the history of the market, a day I like to call In the Black Wednesday. I understand the analogy, black is the color of darkness, but typically […]

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I gotta have my cocoa pops!

August 10, 2010Toad Comments Off on I gotta have my cocoa pops!

I recently stumbled across this video of a deranged woman attacking McDonalds for chicken nuggets.  I don’t know which is scarier, her or the reporter’s terrible looking spray on tan. Talk about spooky!

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August 10, 2010mike 2 Comments »

A recent article on Engadget had me thinking about the Rubik’s cube.  The article talks about “God’s number” or the shortest number of moves to solve a puzzle on average.   I like to consider myself semi-intelligent, but have never considered myself to be much of a puzzle solver.  I remember one day a few […]

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