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Nature 2, Humans 0

December 20, 2010mike Comments Off

It seems this one time semi-comical viewpoint section is going to become a regular part of Styrofoamsoup. I recently entered a discussion regarding the benefits of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) in the city limits (specifically Buffalo in this conversation, though it is a big issue in all of the State of New York and other states [...]

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Nature 1, Humans 0

August 25, 2010mike 3 Comments »

NPR is hardly a BP supporter… but look… wait… oil spills into the ocean in Exxon Valdez quantities every year… and look… wait… bacteria eat it… and look… wait… they’re eating this oil too… hmmm oil comes from the Earth and goes back to it… who would have thought… Nature 1 point… Humans zero… good [...]

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What ever happened to Proposition 7?

August 5, 2010mike 1 Comment »

All the buzz is Prop 8 or more specifically California Proposition 8 (2008).  Repeal it, appeal that, this that the other thing.  Regardless of your position it sure gives the guys on CNN and FoxNews a lot to talk about. But the one thing they’re not talking about is: What ever happened to Proposition 7? [...]

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Too much time on your hands

July 29, 2010mike Comments Off

Do you have too much time on your hands? “Attorney General Cuomo; I recently read coverage regarding the handling of life insurance claims by Prudential and Metropolitan Life Insurance Companies pertaining to veterans and government employees.  I am typically very proud of New York State’s stance on consumer rights advocacy.  As an independent life insurance [...]

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Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer Letter

July 15, 2010mike Comments Off

As you may know by now the Apple iPhone 4 has some issues with reception.  As you may also know Consumer Reports (finally) called them out. One more notable and respectable individual to call them out was Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer D-NY. In his letter posted here on CNN : Senator Schumer states: “The [...]

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