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August 9, 2010mike Comments Off on Mantopia

What is Mantopia? Is it a place where beer and women frolic hand and hand? A place where sports are on 24/7 A place where there are always enough people for a LAN game? A place where 500hp and 500ft/lbs is the norm… in your motorcycle? Or is it just a place where you’re given […]

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Prosper – P2P Lending

July 22, 2010mike Comments Off on Prosper – P2P Lending

Many people have heard the buzz around peer to peer lending.  In light of the recent economic climate many people have had a difficult time getting funds the traditional way (ie: banks) so they have turned to the internet (like they have for shopping, socializing, and news) for a solution. The solution is the Napster […]

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Turns out the Axe Effect doesn’t work. Bummer!

October 22, 2009Toad Comments Off on Turns out the Axe Effect doesn’t work. Bummer!

I know that most people believe completely that the best way to get plenty of beautiful women to adore and love you is to buy plenty of Axe bodyspray.  Well at least that’s the impression I get from being around my co-writers here on StyrofoamSoup. But a new study, and by study I mean court […]

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Reboot the American Dream

September 4, 2009Toad 2 Comments »

Is is just me or do we need a new definition of the American dream. Is the goal still a boatload of money and another boat full of honkey women? Hrm… After reading that question it has occurred to me that we don’t need an answer.

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