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Intelian Economics

August 28, 2010mike Comments Off

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini was recently interviewed and gave his impressions on the economy and the problems with the administrations policies on creating jobs.  He sees problems and jobs both manufacturing and engineering leaving the US in huge numbers.  No longer will we be the indisputable champions of brainpower. “I think this group does not understand what [...]

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What REALLY started the flow of oil in the Gulf

August 6, 2010mike Comments Off

What REALLY started the flow of oil in the Gulf? Was it the government? Eco-terrorists? Aliens?  Giant Squids? BP? Big Corporations?  Right wing extremists?  Left wing extremists?  All of the above? If you watch CNN, C-SPAN, Fox News, read the New York Times, USA Today, whatever, you’ve probably heard conspiracies blaming all of those options. [...]

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What ever happened to Proposition 7?

August 5, 2010mike 1 Comment »

All the buzz is Prop 8 or more specifically California Proposition 8 (2008).  Repeal it, appeal that, this that the other thing.  Regardless of your position it sure gives the guys on CNN and FoxNews a lot to talk about. But the one thing they’re not talking about is: What ever happened to Proposition 7? [...]

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Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer Letter

July 15, 2010mike Comments Off

As you may know by now the Apple iPhone 4 has some issues with reception.  As you may also know Consumer Reports (finally) called them out. One more notable and respectable individual to call them out was Senator Charles (Chuck) Schumer D-NY. In his letter posted here on CNN : Senator Schumer states: “The [...]

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OnStar Health How May I help you?

March 22, 2010mike Comments Off

In a recent update on the Federal Government in an unprecedented move has COMBINED services as a way to save the taxpayers money. If your are in need of urgent care and would like to take a number for the nearest medical center queue simply press the OnStar button.  The button will automatically send the Federal [...]

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