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Science is solved! Look at all these Miracles!

July 19, 2010Soup Mixer Comments Off on Science is solved! Look at all these Miracles!

Good news! All research funding can be cut off. EVERYTHING IS FIGURED OUT! Every day the world makes me want to die a little more. Learn Your M%@#^& F%#&%(! Science with ICP (NSFW!)

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Styrofoamsoup Sells Out!

February 1, 2010mike Comments Off on Styrofoamsoup Sells Out!

There is a rumor traveling around the interweb that the people at Styrofoamsoup are a bunch of sellouts slapping Google Adsense on their site.  Well the truth of the matter is I made up that rumor!  What?  In hopes that people would become so upset that ads were put on the site that they would […]

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Get Suspended for Supporting Cancer Research

November 9, 2009Toad 2 Comments »

There is a girl in Australia who’s dad has deadly leukemia.  Even with transplants and multiple surgeries, he has only got a few months to live.  The girl decides to help give support to her father, she would shave her head.  It also was a fundraiser for a cancer research organization. The girl goes to […]

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