Power Up – Air Freshener

July 12, 2010mike 1 Comment »

A new series I will be working on here is called “Power Up”.  No it has nothing to do with Super Mario and his love of shrooms.  Power Up is a series in which I analyze the kilowatt hour usage of everyday appliances.

My first in this series is the little plug in air freshener (I believe this one is the Wallflower, and no it has nothing to do with band though I’m pretty sure driving home with One Headlight would use WAY less power).

My device for measuring power usage is the P3 Kill-a-watt EZ (yes I’m sure there was a pun intended).  After a 24 hour period (the device has a timer as well)  The little air freshener used 4 kwh.  Yes, one plug in air freshener used 4 kwh in one day!  What does that mean?  Well with an average cost of 15 cents a kwh (look at your electric bill to find your actual cost)  That means it costs 60 cents a day to power that air freshener.  Yes, $2.40/week (a coffee?) or $18/month (a 3D ticket to the Regal) or $219/year!

Mind blowing really!  And I thought Yankee Candle was a rip off, that doesn’t include buying the thing or the fragrance.

I think this series will be quite eye opening and will hopefully make people more energy conscious whether for green or MONETARY reasons, JUST UNPLUG IT!