Rust, the new Green

August 26, 2010mike 4 Comments »

Everything used to be black… then several years ago Green became the new black… and it stuck. Its cool to be green, its hip to be cool and all that jazz.

Now I propose Rust is the new Green.

Yes, I capitalized those words intentionally because as you know while black is just a color of a little dress (or the Model T if you ask Henry Ford) Green is a concept. Green means to tread lightly (as you off road and outdoor types are aware). Green means to try to waste less and have a lessor impact on Earth.

Now I say Rust with a capital R for a reason. Rust is a movement. Rust is really a two part movement, one everyone can do, and the other one everyone can do. (What?)

Everyone can partake in the Rust Movement at home, just as I do. I have a 100,000+ mile car (100M+mi) and I bought it used. There once was a comparison of the Prius and the Hummer H1 (yes the civilian Humvee) and how the H1 was more efficient (total impact) than the Prius. More on this in a later article.

Other ways to participate include using “vintage” items. One great example is of course used cars, motorcycles, clothes, and even the pocket watch (more on that later too).

The other part of the Rust Movement everyone can also take part in. But this one will take a little more work. Everyone can move back to the “Rust Belt”. But why would I want to move to that rusty old place where its cold and it snows? Because its a great place to live, and a “Green” or Rust place to live. But don’t take my word for it. (A Discovery Network) has a fantastic article on this, Buffalo specifically, but hey I’m a little biased ūüėČ but I think I bring a lot of balance too! (aka little different way of thinking)

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