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Starting with One

September 29, 2010mike Comments Off

Starting with one… a very logical place to start. When it comes to Star Wars, IV is the place to start.  George Lucas may have forgotten that as it seems he is going to be releasing his Star Wars movies in 3D (whole ‘nother article) starting in 2012 with… Episode One. Sorry to give [...]

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Less Expensive than the Regal – Air Fresheners

July 13, 2010mike Comments Off

Yes, that’s right, using one of those darn plug in air fresheners is REALLY expensive, $200+/year EXPENSIVE (results being verified). But how expensive is it to plug it in vs. watching a movie? Point Regal. Looks like going to see Predators for an $8.00 matinée ticket (I think they’re the same price as the evening!) would run [...]

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Everything – Less Expensive than the Regal

March 29, 2010mike Comments Off

What isn’t less expensive than the Regal? (Besides crack as I already mentioned)  I was always under the impression that everything was less expensive, as if to not prove me wrong Regal Cinemas (and all the other clowns with the big screens) decided that they were giving us a great deal.  Yes, that’s right!  They [...]

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Crack – More Expensive than the Regal

March 23, 2010mike 1 Comment »

What?  There is something more expensive than the Regal?  Impossible.  I’m afraid not.  While I’m not exactly sure what the street price of a kilo of crack cocaine is these days, but for the trip that was Alice in Wonderland in 3D, $15 a ticket wasn’t too bad for a two hour high! In all [...]

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IMAX – Less Expensive than the Regal

March 5, 2010mike Comments Off

What?  How can the most expensive ticket at the Regal be less expensive than the Regal?  Seems impossible!  Well not at all.  Depending on your timing you can grab a share of IMAX Corp for less than a ticket to the Regal IMAX.  Yep, that’s right you can own a piece of the company forever [...]

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