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Android OS, the end is near!

September 30, 2013mike Comments Off

I know I have written about the “forking” of android and it making a really good “core” for an OS many times, but this time I’m serious, the end is near and here’s why. Two weeks ago I went out and got a new Moto X and let me tell you, the phone is FANTASTIC! [...]

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The HP Slate 7 and a new age of affordable tablets

July 8, 2013mike Comments Off

I’ve read some reviews of the HP Slate 7 and some were less then favorable.  Well I am a user of the device not a tech reviewer and I’m typing this post from the tablet. The HP Slate 7 changed something, it made the full function branded tablet affordable.  At $139 its less expensive then [...]

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Ouya – more than just a video game console… its a $99 computer

July 6, 2013mike Comments Off

You’re familiar with the Ouya right?  The $99 video game console that launched via Kick starter.  Well then you’ve heard all about the Tegra 3 processor, Bluetooth controller with trackpad and Android based interface- For reviews about the Ouya’s intended purpose (gaming) run a Google search and read those, this post will talk about all [...]

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Monetizing Mobile – facebook IPO fears

February 14, 2012mike Comments Off

Unless you live under a rock you have heard that Mark Zuckerberg’s baby is about to hatch. Facebook is going public. I will spare you the details of this as WSJ, CNBC, and every other news media source has talked on and on about what could be the biggest IPO since Google. Facebook is a [...]

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The US Patent Courts and Gizmodo fail to understand the word “invention” again

December 20, 2011mike Comments Off

It looks likely that HTC and possibly other android developers could be defeated in the US Patent Courts by Apple. Gizmodo correctly writes how this could be a blow to the consumer as it would limit competition and choice. I also completely agree with the Gizmodo article in that if Apple wins its battle with [...]

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