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Fruit Ninja – Kindle Fire Review – Amazon Appstore for Android

November 28, 2011mike Comments Off

A new feature on Styrofoamsoup will be Kindle Fire apps reviews.  These apps are available on other android devices through Amazon Appstore for Android (and in some cases Google Android Market or the Apple Appstore for iOS) While I will be testing many of these apps on my Motorola Photon 4G as well (running android 2.3) [...]

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Kindle Fire vs. nook tablet vs. iPad 2 – To each his own

November 23, 2011mike Comments Off

Last night we had what is likely a rare opportunity (outside of the big tech blogs or a Best Buy) to have an Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble nook tablet, and Apple iPad 2 in the same room. Quickly doing some head to head Netflixing (Apocolypto if you’d like to know) and Youtubing (the [...]

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Amazon Kindle Fire to Apple and Google: Game, Set, Match

September 30, 2011mike 4 Comments »

The buzz is everywhere, unless you live under a rock (or in LA) you probably heard about Amazon’s new Kindle Fire tablet.  I’ll spare you the long description since other sites have done that.  Basically its a $199, 7-inch, custom interface tablet that runs atop android. What Amazon is telling Apple: You have screwed your [...]

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