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The first car of the 21st Century

April 24, 2012mike 1 Comment »

A few short weeks back I bought what has been called “the first car of the 21st Century” and at the same time “the symbol of socialism”, a 2012 Chevrolet Volt. The car won the 2011 MotorTrend car of the year, was designed and built in America and represents the greatest accomplishment in automotive technology […]

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Its good to be a bull in a china shop

September 8, 2010mike Comments Off on Its good to be a bull in a china shop

“Its good to be a bull in a china shop” A treatise on lessons of common knowledge If there is anything Mythbusters has taught us it is to expect the unexpected. There is an old saying about clumsy people, they act like a “bull in a china shop”.  That has seemed to be good wisdom […]

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Why American manufacturing is so important

July 24, 2010mike Comments Off on Why American manufacturing is so important

Its Economics 101.  Put large factory in town, all those employees need a place to eat, shop, live, etc.  Big economic impact on that town. Ok, Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, you name it, they all have large assembly factories in American towns, those employees have to do all of the above. Economics 201, executives of Ford, […]

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The Original Tesla Motors

July 22, 2010mike 1 Comment »

As you may know whenever mentioning Nikola Tesla a great deal of lore surrounds the stories.  I believe much of it to be true especially considering the great inventions we do know for sure (alternating current) and that the US government took all of his papers after his death. You may also know that Nikola […]

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Chevy Aveo – Less Expensive than the Regal

July 20, 2010mike 1 Comment »

Another car less expensive than the Regal, he’s going to use his funny math again! Not this time folks, I’m just going to use straight up real math this time!  According to a study by NPR the average American commute is 25 minutes each way. (I live in Buffalo, which was one of the lowest […]

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