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Uninstall or remove the Antivir Solution Pro Virus

July 14, 2010mike 2 Comments »

Yes, that’s right you WANT to get rid of this “antivirus software” Why?  It’s fake and wants to steal your credit card information and/or take control of your computer! What it does?  Make your computer pretty much inoperable!  No .exe files can be run, good luck taking Internet Explorer anywhere except the site to buy […]

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Run Google Chrome OS NOW!

March 13, 2010mike Comments Off on Run Google Chrome OS NOW!

That’s right!  Can’t wait til whenever Google takes the super pre-beta tag off of Google Chrome OS and releases it in regular beta to the rest of the world?  Or worse yet already own a netbook, notebook, laptop, tablet, smartphone whatever and just learned that Google is going to have such strict hardware requirements for […]

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Remember when Google used to sleep around

January 7, 2010mike Comments Off on Remember when Google used to sleep around

Up until this week, Google was a frat boy. They slept with every sorority chick on the block. Sure they had their regulars, Android, Chrome, & Gmail. But they were sticking their Google Search, Google Maps, Contacts and all that in just about anyone they could find. Example webOS for the Palm Pre. Sure it […]

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Look up in the sky…

July 10, 2009mike Comments Off on Look up in the sky…

… its a bird… its a plane… its an app for that? No, its a cloud, or more specifically “the cloud”.  Surely everyone has heard of the cloud, no I’m not talking about in 4th grade science class when you wanted to be a TV meteorologist, I mean the internet.  Why do we call it […]

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