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Chevy Aveo – Less Expensive than the Regal

July 20, 2010mike 1 Comment »

Another car less expensive than the Regal, he’s going to use his funny math again! Not this time folks, I’m just going to use straight up real math this time!  According to a study by NPR the average American commute is 25 minutes each way. (I live in Buffalo, which was one of the lowest […]

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DVD Player – Less Expensive than the Regal

April 16, 2010mike 2 Comments »

Yep that’s right… you can have a lifetime of fun with your own movie playback device for less than date night at the Regal will run you.  Yep that’s right you can pick up a brand new Coby DVD player for around twenty-five bucks! As we have discussed in previous articles, you can run down […]

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The Dollar Store – Less Expensive than the Regal

March 2, 2010mike Comments Off on The Dollar Store – Less Expensive than the Regal

Yes its true, anything you can buy at your local Dollar Tree is less expensive than the Regal.  But how much less expensive?  Well let’s think… for the cost of ONE regular Regal ticket you can get seven or eight items at the dollar store.  Just think about how much fun your kids can have […]

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