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Art Deco Pocket Watches, Less Expensive than the Regal

August 27, 2010mike 2 Comments »

What?  Where does he come up with some of these?  Two of the most common questions I receive (the other comment is, at least its not another car). Yes, that’s right Art Deco Pocket watches are Less Expensive than the Regal.  No I’m not talking about the fact that they cost $1-5 in the 20′s, [...]

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Less Expensive than the Regal – Air Fresheners

July 13, 2010mike Comments Off

Yes, that’s right, using one of those darn plug in air fresheners is REALLY expensive, $200+/year EXPENSIVE (results being verified). But how expensive is it to plug it in vs. watching a movie? Point Regal. Looks like going to see Predators for an $8.00 matinée ticket (I think they’re the same price as the evening!) would run [...]

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