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Kindle Fire vs. nook tablet vs. iPad 2 – To each his own

November 23, 2011mike Comments Off on Kindle Fire vs. nook tablet vs. iPad 2 – To each his own

Last night we had what is likely a rare opportunity (outside of the big tech blogs or a Best Buy) to have an Amazon Kindle Fire, Barnes & Noble nook tablet, and Apple iPad 2 in the same room. Quickly doing some head to head Netflixing (Apocolypto if you’d like to know) and Youtubing (the […]

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Run Google Chrome OS NOW!

March 13, 2010mike Comments Off on Run Google Chrome OS NOW!

That’s right!  Can’t wait til whenever Google takes the super pre-beta tag off of Google Chrome OS and releases it in regular beta to the rest of the world?  Or worse yet already own a netbook, notebook, laptop, tablet, smartphone whatever and just learned that Google is going to have such strict hardware requirements for […]

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The Armchair Generation

February 1, 2010mike Comments Off on The Armchair Generation

I highly doubt I am the first person to say that, nor is this the first generation to be called something along those lines, but I feel as if we are beginning the Armchair Generation. Long ago (a theme with me as a ‘Historian’) aka five or ten years back motives for advancements in technology […]

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