November 28, 2011mike Comments Off on Bordertown

I have no idea what the movie “Bordertown” is about… I assume Mexico.  But here in Buffalo we are a bordertown as well.  A large percent of the shoppers at our malls, passengers at our airports, and attendees to our football games are from Canada.  We hardly notice except a couple of “aboot”s and “eh?”s.  We drink Labatt Blue just like they do.  We all root for the Bills.  We all fly to Florida in January!

The difference has been cell phone carriers.  We here have the regulars (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint & the T-Mob), they have Rogers and Bell.  Somehow that divide seemed to start changing things recently.  For those not aware RIM (Blackberry) is a Canadian company… and while they’ve been down on their luck for a while here, they still flourish in their home and native land.  RIM has been good to Canada…. and this week they decided to offer the Blackberry Playbook (the Kindle Fire’s big brother) for $199 CAD or $199 US (with current exchanges).  Which is quite a steal.  Of course we’re starting to see the Playbook for $249 on Cyber Monday, but at $199… I’m sure those singing Oh Canada! will be buying the RIM versus the Amazon.

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