Is Twitter Sick?

March 16, 2010mike Comments Off

No I’m not saying the software has developed a virus, or is even at the risk of loosing its luster (like myspace). I’m talking about the concept of such a self-absorbed site.

Sure I have one (mjtyrpak) though I pretty much use it to plug this blog (yeah, I’m sick) and actually I recently found the site so full of itself that I decided my dog should have a twitter (SahlenT).  That is exactly what I’m getting at though.  Sure its sick for a dog to social network, especially since he can’t do it on his own (yet!).  The sickness that is dogtweeting isn’t really that sick at all when you compare it against the social networking site’s overall concept.

Twitter, for those of you who aren’t that hip, is essentially facebook status updates threaded in a line with little else.  To appropriately use Twitter many “apps” are available allowing you to beam in your cellphone GPS location, and all sorts of things.  It is a way of telling the world or at least your “followers” as twitter friends are called exactly where and what you are up to.  To be a good tweeter you need to frequently update with things like “just went to McDonald’s its so good but so bad!” all in under 140 characters.  Then ten minutes later you need to say “regretting that large Coke, spilled it all over my dashboard”  followed in five minutes “thank God the car wash could squeeze me in for an interior cleaning”, as if the world cares.

Celebrities (and wannabes) love Twitter.  It allows adoring fans the ability to stalk them without the ability to do anything else.  Every time Miley Cyrus eats you can get a text to your phone, and you have no worry about going over your text messaging limit since that happens so rarely!

So in short, Twitter is sick, its the narcissist of the social networking world, and while you can have a lot of fun with it (SahlenT getting in a quick nap before my people get home) You’re more likely to generate a complex in which you think people actually care what you’re doing at every moment of the day.

Tweet on people!

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