Getting Married – Less Expensive than the Regal

September 24, 2010mike 1 Comment »

Now I’m really stretching it right?

Nope, how to get married for less money than a trip to the Regal… go downtown, get marriage license (40 bucks) done. (See past post on the topic)

But that’s a cop out!  But its the truth!

Ok you want a tougher way to skin this cat?

$15-20,000 that’s what talking about for a wedding.  Sure that’s no City Hall, Fire Hall or basic Banquet Hall (the word “hall” must be code for inexpensive).  But once you kick it up a notch you could buy a brand new car for far less money!

So how can it be less expensive to have a wedding than the Regal…

Simple… value.  Most of the movies you see at the Regal are worthless… a marriage is priceless.

Still think that’s a cop out?

How about this one… the average American sees 5 movies a year.  Figure that couple (the ones getting married in the scenario) are never going to the movies alone and they’re going to buy a coke and popcorn.  Figure a $30 trip ($10-12 a ticket + some goodies… trust me I never get out of the Regal for less) Which means $150+ per year.  Current average American life expectancy is 78 so do the math… that’s $11,700 in a lifetime… if you never bring the kids! (which is sad if you’re going to a High School Musical Movie without them!).

Ok, but even with that math… $11,700 is not the cost of your premium wedding… in the words of Billy Mays… but wait there’s more!  COLA! (you included the purchase of pop!) not that cola, COLA, Cost of Living Adjustments.  Do some inflation on that and you are going to be spending more at the movies than on your gorgeous premium wedding!

But wait there’s more (obviously there’s always at least two of those).  Hyperinflation.  While and average COLA historically was around 3-5% entertainment and specifically movies far out pace that rate. (remember General Cinemas costs?).  So actually while yes, the wedding if you’re not getting that deluxe caterer this year will be more in the future.  The movie will hyperinflate to make sure your wedding will always be Less Expensive than the Regal!

But wait… you guessed it… current life expectancy trends and entertainment consumption trends will both increase the number of years you will have to see movies but also the frequency at which you will be visiting that theater each year!  Yeah, like I said…

Getting married, Less Expensive than the Regal!

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